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Animal Perspective Writing Freebie! (Grade 1-3)

Updated: May 8, 2023

Grade 1-3 perspective writing free teaching resource

Are you looking for a great way to introduce perspective writing into your classroom? Let your students take the perspective of an animal with this free perspective writing resource.

These worksheets are great to accompany a unit on perspective writing. The worksheets encourage students to think about their writing from an animal's point of view. Traits students are asked to consider include physical features and behaviours (hibernation, food, movement).

An information sheet is included for four animals found in North America, including bunnies, foxes, owls, and frogs. This information sheet is perfect to support writers who have trouble forming ideas or getting started with their work.

Animal perspective writing free lesson for Grades 1-3.

Young learners often have an innate curiosity and fascination of animals and the environment. This resource allows students to explore this curiosity by taking on the perspective of different animals.

This activity also works very well for students with different programming requirements and it can be easily adapted to fit your students' needs.

This FREE resource includes:

  • Animal Perspective Writing Worksheets (Printable)

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