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FREEBIE: Celebrating "Twosday" with an Intermediate Class (22/2/22)

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

On February 22, 2022, the world reaches a fun date, where all the numbers on the date are 2! And, to make things even more perfect, this date falls on a Tuesday.

Humans have a tendency to see patterns everywhere, including in our calendar, which makes celebrating a date that has a unique pattern kind of special. In this century, we've also had a few Onesdays (January 1 and 11 and November 1 and 11 in 2011) and 11 other months with repetitions, like 01/01/01, 05/05/05, and 12/12/12. Our next big date pattern milestone after this upcoming Twosday will be Threesday (3/3/33)... in 11 years!

So, why not celebrate this milestone with your class? You've likely already seen some fun teaching resources available to celebrate this fun day with younger grade students, but don't let your intermediate students miss out on the fun.

Offering a break to your students to celebrate a silly holiday like Twosday is great for supporting students' mental health and well-being. We all need a break sometimes!

I made a fun freebie of riddles and puzzles, all related to the number 2, that are challenging enough to keep grade 7 and 8 students engaged. This freebie includes 4 worksheets (print as two double-sided pages). The worksheets incorporate both number-based and word-based puzzles, so there's something for every type of learner.

These would be great as a minds-on at the beginning of the day on Tuesday, or give the package to students to work on throughout the day if they finish other tasks early. These puzzles are tricky! Take up the answers at the end of the day and let students share their different solutions to the puzzles.

Click here for your free download:
Download PDF • 1.15MB

Happy Twosday!!! Comment on this post to share how you're celebrating 22/2/22 with your Grade 7s and 8s.

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Eleanor Rosario
Eleanor Rosario
Feb 21, 2022

Thank you!

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