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Top MTH1W Teaching Resources for Educators and Students

top MTH1W resources for educators and students for grade 9 Ontario math

If you're a Grade 9 Math teacher in Ontario looking for comprehensive resources to teach the de-streamed Math course (MTH1W), look no further! Teacher Resource Cabin has spent endless hours creating Grade 9 math resources so you don't have to.

We have created six math workbooks and five math slide decks covering all Grade 9 Math units: Social-Emotional Learning Numbers, Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, Data, and Financial Literacy.

While the slides and workbooks can be used independently, together they can be used to create a complete math program. The questions and content in the slides and workbooks differ, allowing students to master skills through practice.

Here are some details about our MTH1W Workbooks:

The workbooks are packed with over 330 pages of student worksheets and come with answer keys. Each workbook (except Social-Emotional Learning) also includes a 4-page unit test, quizzes throughout, and a project with rubric. The Social-Emotional Learning workbook contains 28 pages and is focused on developing the emotional and social skills of students. This is the newest strand in the Ontario curriculum.

grade 9 Ontario math MTH1W workbooks

Here are some details about our MTH1W Slides:

The slide decks bundle covers a wide range of topics and together total up to 504 slides.

  • The Algebra slide deck covers topics such as Introduction to Algebra, Solving Basic Equations, Algebraic Expressions, Graphing Equations, and more.

  • The Data slide deck covers topics such as Introduction to Data, Population and Sample, Describing Data, Measures of Central Tendency, and more.

  • The Financial Literacy slide deck covers topics such as Introduction to Financial Literacy, Budgeting, Appreciation and Depreciation, Down Payments, and Interest.

  • The Geometry and Measurement slide deck covers topics such as Introduction to Geometry, Triangle and Angle Properties, Quadrilateral Properties, Circle Properties, Measurement Units, Pythagorean Theorem, Circumference, Area, and Volume.

  • The Number slide deck covers topics such as Introduction to Numbers, Number Sets/Set-Builder Notation, Factoring, Simplifying Fractions, Ratios, Rates, and Powers.

grade 9 Ontario Math MTH1W slides

We recently added Grade 9 Math Talks to our MTH1W Resource bank.

math talks for Grade 9 Ontario math MTH1W

These MATH TALKS for Google Slides™ are perfect to help your Grade 9 students (MTH1W Ontario) develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Each slide asks an open-ended question or a question where students can explain their thinking and reasoning. This helps students to understand mathematical concepts at a deeper level and communicate their understanding with others. It also helps to create a positive classroom culture that values student thinking and promotes collaborative learning.

107 Slides are included in total. All slides are editable, so you can make additional slides of the same activity and switch up the numbers as needed, but the slides are ready to go as is.

We currently have our workbooks and math talks in French!

Overall, these bundles are an excellent resource for Grade 9 Math teachers in Ontario looking for comprehensive and customizable materials to teach the de-streamed Math course (MTH1W).

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