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Grade 9 SNC1W Resources: A Comprehensive Summary

a complete guide to grade 9 snc1w resources

As the education landscape continues to evolve, so do the demands placed on teachers to deliver quality instruction that meets the needs of students. With the new 2022 grade 9 science curriculum, educators are faced with the challenge of finding relevant and engaging teaching resources to support student learning. This task is often difficult, especially for teachers with limited time, resources, and support. Teacher Resource Cabin offers some practical solutions to help alleviate these challenges.

There are both printable PDF workbooks and digital teaching slides for Google Slides available. While they can be used independently, we believe that these resources complement each other exceptionally well as students can learn concepts through the slides and practice them using their workbooks.

comprehensive workbooks for grade 9 science snc1w

In total, the workbooks include 258 pages of student worksheets! Interactive, hands-on activities are explained, with follow-up worksheets included. There is a variety of readings, long and short answer questions, and creative writing activities included to create a varied workbook suitable for many learning styles.

To support assessment practices, Ontario curriculum expectations (Strand A-E) are clearly identified on each page. A quiz is included at the end of each workbook. Each workbook includes a full ANSWER KEY.

Also included are report card comments for SNC1W. Comments are compatible with Google Docs™ and are fully editable for your convenience. Just copy and paste and replace "STUDENT" with your student's name and "THEY/THEIR/THEM" with your student's preferred pronouns.

All comments are provided in a rubric format (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4) so you can easily identify what comment is appropriate for your student. Comments are anecdotal and include Concrete Examples and Next Steps.

grade 9 ontario science slides

The slides bundle contains nearly 600 slides in total. Blank, editable slide templates are also included if you have additional content that you would like to add. Slides with content on them are not editable. There is also a "Teacher Tips" slide that includes a link to a recommended video playlist

Here is a breakdown of each of the SNC1W Science units:

grade 9 snc1w sustainable ecosystems and climate change unit

The unit starts with an introduction to ecosystems, biotic and abiotic factors, atmospheric conditions, and the Earth's systems. It then delves into investigations of biomes in Canada, sustainability, indigenous-led conservation, and ecological footprints.

The unit also covers energy flow, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, matter cycling, food chains and webs, biomass pyramids, species interactions, succession, carrying capacity, endangered and invasive species, and human impacts. Experiment #1 focuses on oil spill clean-up, and experiment #2 focuses on the greenhouse effect. The unit ends with a section on responding to climate change and a vocabulary section, followed by the unit test.

grade 9 snc1w space exploration unit

This unit starts with an introduction to space and the history of space exploration. It then covers models of the universe, the solar system, origin theories of the universe, characteristics of the sun, and investigation #1 on sundials.

The unit also includes information on the planets, comets, meteors, and asteroids, moons, phases of the moon, eclipses, and the Earth's seasonal changes. There is also a section on gravitational pull, light years, investigation #2 about the solar system, satellites, and the costs and benefits of space technology.

The unit ends with a section on the social, economic, and environmental impacts of space technology, an experiment on the Mars Rover, a vocabulary section, and the unit test.

grade 9 snc1w the nature of matter unit

The Nature of Matter unit covers topics related to matter, including its properties, composition, and behaviour. The unit covers topics such as particle theory, substance and mixtures, scientific discoveries, laws of matter, introduction to the periodic table of elements, physical and chemical properties of matter, and consumer products.

The workbook is filled with various activities, experiments, and investigations. The K-W-L chart and goal-setting sections are designed to help SNC1W students set objectives and assess their learning progress. Like the other units, the book includes a vocabulary section as well as a unit test.

grade 9 snc1w electricity unit

This electricity unit is a comprehensive guide to understanding electricity and energy concepts. It begins by covering the basics of energy and its transformation, including an in-depth look at electricity and how it is generated.

This workbook also explores static and current electricity, conductors, resistors, and insulators, as well as series and parallel circuits, voltage and current, and Ohm's law. Additionally, the book delves into renewable and non-renewable energy sources, the impacts of energy usage, and conservation of energy and resources.

The unit includes experiments and investigations to help readers better understand the concepts presented, as well as vocabulary lists and a unit test.

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